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Can a Friend Drive My Car?

Before letting someone borrow your vehicle, consider these points to help steer clear of any headaches. Lending your car to a friend or family member, whether it’s for a quick trip to the store or a long-distance move, is a nice gesture. But before you hand over your keys, here...


Will Your Baby Affect Your Coverage?

Your new addition means big changes all around. In all the excitement, don’t forget to review your car insurance. It’s way too early to think about your child driving, but that doesn’t mean your newborn won’t affect your car insurance. A change in your family status and driving routine means...


How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need?

By taking an inventory and reviewing policy options, you can tailor the perfect coverage for your needs. Think about your typical checklist when moving into a rental property: Furniture – check. Kitchenware – check. How about renters insurance? Although your landlord’s homeowners policy covers the building, you’re responsible for purchasing...


The Ease of Switching Auto Insurers

You don’t need to wait until it’s time to renew – change your auto insurance carrier anytime. Whether you’re craving better customer service, aiming to consolidate your insurance policies or seeking a lower premium, switching your auto insurance provider doesn’t have to be a hassle. You don’t even have to...