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New Love, New Beneficiary?

Second marriages are increasingly common, and they are spurring important financial questions. A rising number of wedded Americans are finding that the second time’s the charm: In 2013, there were nearly 42 million remarried adults living in the United States, versus 22 million in 1980.1 In 40 percent of today’s weddings,...


How to Help Protect Your Loved Ones in Retirement

Americans approaching retirement may anticipate changes in income, but those changes don’t need to affect how they support their dependents. If you’re worried about not being able to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement, you’re not alone. But looking beyond simply funding your own retirement lifestyle, a broader concern could...


Cash Management vs. Risk Management Retirement Strategies

By Walter H. Zultowski, Ph.D The insurance industry’s Society of Actuaries recently completed a survey1 of the public’s perception of their financial risks in retirement, and how they plan to manage them. In this research, there was one statistic that gave me pause. More than half of today’s pre-retirees (52 percent)...