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Tips for Driving in Snowy Weather

By preparing beforehand and being alert to hazards on the road, you can better protect yourself while driving in the winter. Winter driving safety begins before you even leave your house. This checklist can help even the most experienced driver master the three Ps of safe winter driving (according to...


6 Common Mistakes Teen Drivers Make

Learn to recognize them to help your child become safer on the road. When your teen takes the wheel, their inexperience can be a problem – for themselves, their passengers and others on the road. Fortunately, most of their beginners’ mistakes can be prevented. Here are some of the most...


Ways Red Light Cameras Can Improve Safety

Red light cameras can incentivize drivers to follow the rules of the road. Red light camera programs are gaining popularity across the country. Put simply, traffic light cameras are designed to reduce crashes associated with running red lights. In fact, studies have shown that red light cameras at intersections with...


Reasons to Consider Glass Damage Coverage

Your car’s windows are vulnerable to damage – but your insurance could cover the cost of repairs. Car windshields don’t easily shatter. Made of two pieces of laminated glass with a layer of plastic in between, they don’t break into dangerous shards, but rather small bits that remain mostly attached.1 Aside...


How Do I Know When to Replace My Brakes?

Your vehicle will tell you when it’s time to replace your brakes. Learn the warning signs. Trying to determine the right time to replace critical car parts can seem like a mystery. For instance, if your brakes are more than two years old, you should have them checked every six...